Funeral of Ghost Brigade fighters Maloy and Alma-Ata

By Commander Pyotr Biryukov (Arkadich)
Ghost Brigade Unit 404 (Volunteer Communist Detachment)

June 25: We buried two fighters [call signs Maloy and Alma-Ata] who were killed yesterday in the region of Donetsky [Lugansk People’s Republic] … It’s in the nature of this truce that the conflict sometimes intensifies. The guys died in a battle which resulted in enemy losses of seven men killed (confirmed by two sources …). I ordered our forces not to interfere with the cleanup and removal of bodies by emergency vehicles. …

For me, the death of my men is a tragedy, but I have no less grief for the loss of their guys (these were Ukrainian Armed Forces soldiers, not Nazis). Yes, you heard right, I grieve that people serve and die for the sake of the interests of the Nazi junta. They do not protect their country, they do not protect their people, they are dying for the sake of the commercial and political interests of the junta and its masters. 

As I’ve often said, and repeat again, I look forward to the day when the fighting stops and a commander from the other side comes to say, “Killing each other gets us nothing, let’s clean house and work together against those who turned my country into a madhouse.” And I’ll go with him to rake this shit, honestly go, without underhand motives. This war and death will only end when the Nazi scum answer for their crimes and are hung.

Translated by Greg Butterfield

Video by Voxkomm

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