Right Sector threatens anti-war protesters outside U.S. Embassy in Kiev

By Yuri Kot

Right Sector guards United States Embassy

June 3: Today at 12:00, 1,000 protesters gathered at the Embassy of the United States to demand an end to inciting war and killing people in Donbass!

– United States — shame!
– No U.S. weapons to Ukraine!
– United States kills Donbass!

People chanted “shame!” and demanded the truth about the real reasons the United States unleashed carnage and genocide of civilians in Donbass.

When the protesters tried to gather en masse at the Embassy entrance, blocking the road, police and mobs in camouflage drove the protesters away. Three people were detained.

The men in camouflage presented themselves as Right Sector and began to threaten the rest of the protesters. First they demanded names, addresses of residence and household composition, then threatened people with punishment if the rally did not disperse in the next five minutes.

As a result of these threats, an hour after the start of the rally, people dispersed. But … they promised to return.

Video clips:


Translated by Greg Butterfield

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