May Day in Moldova: ‘Act now to stop humanitarian catastrophe’

‘If we do not want a humanitarian catastrophe, we must act now!’

Statement by the European Left Party of Moldova

May 1, 2020 will be remembered by all working people as one of the most intense and unpredictable in recent years. It is accompanied by mass layoffs, a significant reduction in citizens’ incomes and an even greater impoverishment of the poorest segments of the population. The government, steeped in corruption and scandals, proved unable to a priori confront the epidemic, the unprecedented drought, and their consequences. Neither the government nor the parliamentary opposition have a clear plan of action to overcome the impending socio-economic crisis.

In this situation, we demand that the government and the parliamentary opposition stop engage in self-promotion and cheap populism amid a humanitarian catastrophe into which the whole country is plunging! Dodon, Philip, Sandu, Nastase, Kandu and others, you have played with power and opposition. Each of you has recently shown your true face and what you are capable of. People are tired of your parliamentary chatter, TV battles on channels under your control, narcissism and verbal balancing act. People are tired of your lies, from imposing a false agenda and lobbying exclusively for your own party and clan interests!

The European Left Party demands from everyone, both from the government and the parliamentary opposition, maximum mobilization to prevent mass unemployment and reduced incomes, to prevent bankruptcies of small and medium enterprises. Today, as never before, extraordinary and emergency measures are needed to support working people, targeted compensation, budgetary assistance to all economic agents, primarily for the payment of wages. Only a targeted injection of money into the economy, stimulating demand and increasing public procurement in the domestic market, can restart the country’s economy.

We demand responsibility from the government and parliamentary opposition!

There’s no time! Any procrastination is criminal! If we do not want a humanitarian catastrophe, we must act now!

Chisinau, May 1, 2020


Translated by Greg Butterfield

One thought on “May Day in Moldova: ‘Act now to stop humanitarian catastrophe’

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