Political reprisals in Moldova: Grigorchuk jailed 30 more days, faces new charges

Grigorchuk case heard behind closed doors 

Chisinau, April 16: A new session in the case of civil activist Pavel Grigorchuk, who slapped Democratic Party of Moldova (PDM) Deputy Sergey Syrbu on March 21, is being held. Prosecutors are demanding an additional 30-days under arrest. The hearing is being held in closed session, and the press is not allowed in the hall.

Moldovan anti-oligarchy activist and political prisoner Pavel Grigorchuk.
There are a large number of police officers in the courthouse. Pavel Grigorchuk was brought to the hearing in handcuffs. His supporters, who chanted “Freedom to Grigorchuk,”came to support the activist. 

Pavel Grigorchuk’s comrades in the case of the Petrenko Group, Mikhail Amerberg and Alexander Roshko, believe that his detention constitutes “political reprisals against an activist who displeased the anti-people regime.”

Recall that the civil activist was detained after a clash with the vice-chairman of the PDM, Sergey Syrbu. Currently, Pavel Grigorchuk is confined in the basement of the third building of penitentiary institution No. 13. 


‘These are political reprisals’: Alexander Roshko on Grigorchuk case

The vice-chairman of the Our Home is Moldova party, Alexander Roshko, claims that a political attack is being carried out against activist Pavel Grigorchuk, reports eNews.

Alexander Roshko
“I believe that Pavel Grigorchuk’s alleged act should be reclassified from a crime to an offense [misdemeanor]. Despite the fact that the victim is a deputy, a slight slap can only be qualified as an offense and sanctioned by a fine,” said Roshko.

“I’m convinced that real political reprisals are being carried out against Pavel as an activist hated by the regime,” said the vice-chairman of the Our Home is Moldova party.

“Everyone can regard Pavel’s act in their own way, but the reprisals against Grigorchuk are too harsh,” Alexander Roshko summed up.


Pavel Grigorchuk’s arrest extended for another 30 days!

By Grigory Petrenko Chair of Our Home is Moldova party, currently a political refugee in Germany

Many people have publicly appealed to Sergey Syrbu to stop bullying Grigorchuk. Obviously, this is an administrative offense and not criminal hooliganism. Accordingly, there are no grounds for detention. Moreover, all the accusations are based on the statements of Syrbu himself. The videos were apparently so unprofitable to the prosecutors that they were simply destroyed.

After 30 days, I think that everyone could cool down and take a good look at what happened. But not in the case of Syrbu. He decided to take revenge through the system of government structures and courts controlled by the PDM.

Pavel is in solitary confinement (prohibited by the Executive Code and qualified as torture), he is in a basement, he has repeatedly been denied visits by his lawyers (violation of the right to defense), he is not given newspapers, not to mention television (restriction of access to information). Until recently, even the transfer of a tea kettle was prohibited! The chief of the Gestapo in PU-13, the warden of Pintya prison, personally threatened to organize complications.

I cannot find suitable words to qualify the actions of Syrbu. He probably doesn’t even realize that the story of the slap will follow him for the rest of his life. Or that “slap in Syrbu’s face” has already become a common phrase, symbolizing a slap in the face of the regime, the vile, rotten, bandit power of [oligarch and PDM boss Vlad] Plahotniuc!


Compensation for material damages: Pavel Grigorchuk will face new charges

April 18: Civil activist Pavel Grigorchuk, who is under arrest at PU-13 after a conflict with PDM Deputy Sergey Syrbu, may be presented with new charges, reports eNews.

Alexander Roshko, vice-chair of Our Home is Moldova party, wrote about this on his social media page.

“Attention! It’s been learned that tomorrow at 10:30 am Pavel Grigorchuk will be brought to the office of prosecutor S. Buyukanu, where new charges will be filed of causing bodily harm to Sergey Syrbu. According to the lawyer, this makes it possible to demand compensation for material damages (costs of treatment and “rehabilitation”). Thus, it becomes clear that the regime is not satisfied with the harassment of Pavel in the form of keeping him in solitary confinement in a basement, the regime is preparing to deliver another blow against dissent. Hands off Grigorchuk!” Alexander Roshko said. 


Translated by Greg Butterfield

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