United Communist Party of Russia welcomed in Los Angeles

We are strengthening our partnership with communists overseas

On August 10, 2017, Dina Gulyanitskaya, member of the Central Committee of the United Communist Party of Russia (OKP), took part in a meeting with communists from the U.S. Workers World Party in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles, August 10

The participants of the meeting were actively interested in the attitude of Russian youth towards leftist ideas, and the cooperation between the OKP and various Komsomol organizations. Comrade Gulyanitskaya spoke about the struggle of the communists for the sympathy of young people. The problems of preparing for the forthcoming World Festival of Youth and Students were not ignored. A representative of the U.S. delegation to the festival, present at the meeting, noted the desire of the Russian authorities to obscure the anti-imperialist content of the festival movement.

Comrade Dina Gulyanitskaya (left)

The communists of Los Angeles showed great interest in the relationship of Russia’s left-wing forces to the events in Ukraine and Donbass. A heated discussion was prompted by the thesis of American social democrats present at the meeting that “Russian communists should support Vladimir Putin in the struggle against U.S. imperialism as the main world evil.” Dina Gulyanitskaya spoke about the support of the communists of the OKP for progressive forces in the Donbass and declared that it was impossible to ignore the desire of Crimeans to join Russia, which, however, should not give rise to illusions about any adjustment by the Kremlin administration of its original anti-people course.

The internal political situation in Russia was also discussed. For example, the U.S. comrades asked the opinion of the OKP about Alexey Navalny, and about the reasons for the fragmentation of the Russian left wing. They asked, in particular, why the activists of the future United Communist Party left the Communist Party of the Russian Federation and began building the OKP. The description of Zyuganov’s party as an organization built into the government system, flirting with big business and the church, was understood by the comrades. 

The participants in the meeting agreed that every national detachment of the communist movement has a major barricade of the class struggle in its own country, but international solidarity of the working people must not be ignored.

Press service of the Central Committee of the United Communist Party of Russia


Translated by Greg Butterfield

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